Join the WCI/LCB Tuition Refund Lawsuit. Seek Your Refund.

10 years of fighting WCI/LCB Portland in court revealed evidence that the school misled prospective students by: (1) using fake placement rates; (2) not disclosing that most graduates earned poverty wages; (3) saying that it was elite and selective; and (4) not telling you about its deal with Sallie Mae that increased what you paid by up to 44 percent.

Hear from David. We will work to get money back for you. You will never pay us anything from your pocket.

Surrett v. Western Culinary Institute, Multnomah County Circuit Court Case Number 0803-03530

Here's a copy of the complaint in the original lawsuit.

David F. Sugerman is responsible for this website.

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Mr. Sugerman was admitted to practice in 1986. He has had a number of multi-million dollar trial results, including as lead counsel in Scharfstein v. BP West Coast Products (British Petroleum), a consumer fraud class action case that resulted in a $400 million recovery for consumers. Mr. Sugerman has successfully led large cases against the biggest corporations. His practice focuses on consumer protection cases.  

Our lawsuit seeks refunds and other expenses for fraud. After 10 years of litigation, we have evidence to prove your claim in arbitration.

Act now if you want a chance to get your money back. Click the Do I Qualify button. You will never pay us a dime from your pocket. We'll risk the work and expense to handle your case. We get paid a share of whatever recovery we get for you. (Details inside the site.) If we get nothing for you, you owe us nothing.

If you qualify and we offer to represent you, you'll get access to the inside of our site, where you can learn more before deciding whether to participate.

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